How to Order Medications Online

Drugs are not a matter of daily necessity, so the purchase does not occur as often as consumer goods, but regularly: more than half of online drug buyers make a purchase more than once a quarter, another 31% – every 6 months.

Most often, drugs that relieve acute conditions are bought via the Internet and inclusively – My Canadian Pharmacy:

  • ed pills including Canadian Pharmacy Viagra (58%);
  • painkillers (52%);
  • cures for the common cold and antiviral drugs (48%);
  • antipyretic drugs (45%);
  • cough suppressants (43%);
  • sedatives (37%);
  • antibiotics (34%).How to Buy Medications Online

Thus, the speed of delivery, which can guarantee the loyalty of consumers, is of particular importance. In general, the speed of delivery is a key factor in either the growth or lack of customers. Most of the great companies like Verde medical centers and My Canadian Pharmacy are well aware of this and are trying to speed up the delivery and thus attract customers. Long delivery can be a barrier to purchase.

The research results show that the absolute majority of users – 90% – know exactly what they want to buy:

  • 41% also know on which site they want to buy the drug;
  • 49% are looking for the most profitable offer for the right product, choosing from a limited number of pharmacies.

This is confirmed by the search data: the buyer is either looking for a specific means and information about it or knows exactly where to buy it. The pre-purchase search is the ideal moment for the advertiser. It is the easiest way during this time to attract a potential buyer.

Barriers and opportunities of purchases in online pharmacies

The experience of shopping online shows that the first step is crucial in overcoming barriers to arrange an order. Having made the first purchase, people get rid of negative attitudes and at the same time can appreciate all the advantages of online shopping. If the first experience is successful, then another purchase follows. This is a confirmed fact by research and internal data, for example, among those who have online drug buying experience:

  • 89% plan to continue to purchase OTC products over the Internet;
  • 92% are ready to buy vitamins and dietary supplements.

It is important to note that the benefits of buying drugs online are shared even by those users who currently deny such an opportunity for themselves. This means that potentially benefits can be used as incentives. For example, the trigger for the purchase may be the ability to order a means that is not available in conventional pharmacies.

However, it is important to understand that many of the fears that are characteristic of potential buyers in the pharma category relate to online shopping in general. They can be divided into four categories:

  • distrust of online purchases, concerns about quality;
  • the likelihood of counterfeits and expiration dates;
  • difficulties in delivery and return;
  • fear of online payments.

To overcome them, online pharmacies may be recommended to use the following approaches:

  • fast delivery: often people need medications urgently, and the sooner they get them, the higher the likelihood of a re-purchase. It is very important not only to promise fast delivery but also to really provide it.
  • stay close at the right moment: most buyers pre-research the market and look for the best deals.
  • expand the assortment: unlike traditional retail, the assortment in online pharmacies is not limited to the size of the window shelf. Online pharmacies should use this competitive advantage, as many users are attracted by the opportunity to buy something that is not available in conventional pharmacies.
  • assure that you can be trusted: for many people, the ability to consult with a pharmacist, as well as product certification, is crucial. It is necessary to provide the users with something that will help them ensure your reliability.
  • give buyers the freedom to choose: the inability to pay for the order is a barrier for half of the buyers, and providing them this opportunity can increase the number of your customers.