Types of Medical Marijuanas

Can marijuana be medical? Yes, there is. There is a plantation of medical marijuana not far from the city of Safed in the north of Israel as pointed out by Verde Medical Center. A few years ago, a former biology professor from a local school founded this plantation.

The plantation is known as “Tikun Olam”. It was the very plantation where a new type of cannabis, the so-called cannabis strain, was grown up. Unlike recreational marijuana, its prototype contains a very small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol – a substance that is directly responsible for getting “high”, that is, the well-known sensations after application.

Types of medical marijuana

There are several types of medical marijuana. The most famous among them are:

  • Jock Horror;
  • Green Spirit;
  • Hash Heaven;
  • Haze;
  • Khola.

All of them are very similar to each other. They differ from each other only by some minor criteria.

Medicinal properties of marijuana

You just need to remove tetrahydrocannabinol from the plant extract, so that marijuana is transformed from a drug to a medicinal plant. Verde medical center together with My Canadian Pharmacy assures people in it.

After this substance is removed from marijuana, it gains medicinal properties and can be offered to those patients who do not want to be under the influence of drugs and seek only to benefit from this dangerous plant.

Despite the fact that many patients are convinced of the need for a narcotic effect in cannabis, there are also those who wish to have a clear mind and at the same time have normal contact with other people.

10 patients took part in the study of the properties of a new marijuana type. A number of experiments were conducted, during which experts together with Washington Marijuana Clinic observed what effect a new type of cannabis has on the patient’s body.

This is an important breakthrough for medicine as a whole,” says one out of 10 patients who took the drug for 6 months. “I can smoke marijuana several times a day. The pain is dull and almost not felt. You can safely work not losing concentration. You can even drive a car. This is an excellent remedy that allows you to stay in your right mind and at the same time relieves pain sensations. “It is known that the use of marijuana for medical purposes in Israel is prohibited. However, despite the prohibitions from the government, today this substance is used to treat several thousand patients suffering from the most severe ailments. marijuana is used to treat oncological diseases, Parkinson’s disease, various types of sclerosis, as well as Crohn’s disease.